Our VR exploration and adventure game, Paper Beast, will be coming to Steam, Viveport and Oculus Store on July 24th at 19,99€/$. It’s compatible with Valve Index, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality.


The PC version of the game will see a host of new features including:

  • Continuous move support
  • Upgraded visuals: (more precise textures and shadows, improved water and sand rendering, full support of latest gen VR headsets’ resolution)

In sandbox mode:

  • Bigger sandbox area
  • Expanded ecosystem, enriched by an evolution of the vegetation
  • A greater number of entities in the field allowing more combinations
  • A new species 
  • Smoother gameplay

A special note from Eric Chahi: 

The PC version represents a more polished version of the game in almost all aspects but also offers continuous move support, which we are very proud of because we handled it without compromise. Special care was also given to the rendering of water and sand. You will be able to see the turmoil at the surface of the water, and the delicate flow of the sand. You’ll be able to dive even deeper into the fantastic world of Paper Beast”. 


We also released a new dev diary video today about the technology behind the game. We give a behind-the-scenes look of the unique tech we made driving its complex ecosystem.