Paper Beast: Folded Edition is OUT!

Today, October 20, 2020 we launched the “flat” version of Paper Beast.

The game based on this year’s VR hit Paper Beast brings the surprising adventure in which you interact with mysterious creatures in a fantastic real time ecosystem to PC for the first time – with no VR headset required.

Join the adventure on PC.

As the first explorer of this virgin land, overcome obstacles and environmental puzzles by supporting the efforts of creatures in their adventures!

Good news! Owners of the VR version will automatically receive access to the Folded Edition.

Purchase the game on Steam:

Paper Beast: Folded Edition announced for PC

The adventure from Eric Chahi available on PC without a headset.

We are so happy today! Our game Paper Beast, originally designed for VR, is now coming on PC for every player. That means everyone will be able to play on their PC, with this “Flat screen” version we called “Paper Beast: Folded Edition”.

Paper Beast: Folded Edition includes all the latest updates of the VR version of the game, as well as reworked lighting. On top of that the game features all-new controls for mouse and keyboard and controllers that have been completely reworked from the ground up to provide the optimum experience on PC.

You can enjoy this experience with a mouse and a keyboard but also with a game controller!

Paper Beast is OUT on PC VR!

Paper Beast is out now on Steam, Viveport and Oculus store.

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Oculus Store

Paper Beast is available for $19,99 / €19,99 and will launch with a 10% discount on Steam, Viveport and Oculus store for the first week.

Paper Beast is a very immersive adventure game that has been designed for VR. You explore a believable and surrealistic natural world. You will be like in an awakened dream. Imagine a cocktail, with a bit of Dali, Lynch and BBC Planet Earth. Shake it! You got a kind of crazy universe to explore!”, says Eric Chahi, founder of Pixel Reef. “In VR you can feel it, for me it is really what VR can bring to players. The craziness of this adventure is more than a journey, more than a game, it becomes a piece of life, full of meaning”. 

The PC version of the game will see a host of new features including continuous move support, upgraded visuals, gameplay tweaks and an expanded sandbox mode.

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