Paper Beast is coming to PC!

The dreamlike and whimsical virtual reality adventure is today announced for PC (Steam, Oculus, Vive port) for Summer 2020 after the initial critically acclaimed PlayStation®VR earlier this year.
The PC version includes new features such as continuous move support, upgraded visuals, further creatures and more.

Paper Beast will also be part of the Steam Summer Festival (16th to 22nd June) where a free demo of the game will be available.


Pixel Reef released a patch today that brings features in the “sandbox”, the interactive playground ecosystem of Paper Beast.
The patch is available in both territories: Europe and the United States.
We made some improvements and fixes particularly in the sandbox, below is the list:

– The voraxoplant can now eat predators in the sandbox.

– A very short tutorial video explains how you can have more fun in the sandbox by using the god view. You can zoom out from your place up to the sky and see the ecosystem from another perspective.
The video displays the first time you go into this mode.

– Several bug fixes.

It is also the occasion to recall what was in our previous patch. More items are now linkable with a linker: LCD cube, Gravity Zone, SandTree, the head of the Voraxoplant, and the Tornado.

– Blast capsule, and LCD cube are now activated immediately once dropped.

– Insects eat better and have a longer lifespan.

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