Folded Edition
We’ve just published an important fix. This patch fixes a simulation terrain issue not running properly on lower graphic cards than GTX 970 like GTX 680 or GTX 780.


VR Edition PC
Please find a couple of bug fixes and improvements. It includes tweak and gameplay adjustments.

— Patch Notes —

  • Fix simulation terrain issue on older graphic cards than GTX 970 like GTX 780
  • Fix refresh of terrain water flux when changing graphics settings (no need to restart game now)
  • SandBox: Fix plant above ground issue around the ShyPlant
  • Fix some culling issue
  • Chapter 4.2: Improve creatures behaviour for a more fluent gameplay
  • Chapter 5.2: Improve big boulder cable manipulation. Improve predator behaviour near the big boulder
  • Chapter 6.3: Up to 3 LCD cubes
  • Chapter 7: Adding extra underwater visual


Paper Beast Team